Christmas Cheer Brings Credit Fraud Fear


The holidays are a time to celebrate with friends and family.  Unfortunately, the holidays are also a time when online thieves try everything within their power to steal your identity and use it for their own desires.   With the advancement of computing power, it is becoming easier for hackers to successfully conduct a data breach of any magnitude.

Follow these simple steps to avoid your credit card information being stolen:

  • Don’t make any purchases from community or shared Wi-Fi hotspots.  For example, don’t go shopping online while visiting your favorite coffee shop or fast food restaurant.
  • Never respond to any e-mails asking for your personal information.  If you need to provide information to a legitimate company, call them.
  • Turn on your browser’s pop-up blocker.  This will avoid those pesky ads that might try tricking you into providing additional information about yourself.
  • Always make sure the website you are shopping on or providing your credit card information to is secure.  Usually your web browser will display a padlock icon before the website address.  In addition, most online secure links will start with https://.
  • Always review your credit card and bank statements, weekly if possible, to check for any unusual activity.

If you feel like your information has been compromised, immediately call your credit card company or bank.   In addition, request a credit report from one of the three major credit bureaus available. provides a free credit report once a year.

And as always, enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!